Competition for Visual Representations of Multilingualism (2018–2019)

A BAAL Competition for Visual Representations of Multilingualism was launched in October 2018 to provide a creative opportunity for exploring new ways of representing multilingualism through visual means and to stimulate debate and raise awareness about innovative ways of thinking about multilingualism. It was part of an ongoing overall initiative to increase multilingual representation in BAAL and beyond. The competition was organised in partnership with CuratorSpace, Multilingual Matters, and the AILA Research Network for Creative Inquiry and Applied Linguistics.

The prize winners were announced in June 2019 (click on links below for further details and images). A digital exhibition of winning and shortlisted entries will be held on 29-31 August at the BAAL Annual Conference 2019, Manchester Metropolitan University. There will be an opportunity to meet the organisers and artists. 

1st prize:  Light and Language by Linda Persson with Wongatha women Geraldine Hogarth and Luxie Redmond-Hogarth 

A fascinating collaborative project that highlighted lesser heard languages and ways of speaking, as in the case of indigenous communities in Australia. The use of media enabled community partners to fully engage in the process of visualising multilingualism.”

2nd prize: (Inter)weaving repertoires by Gail Prasad

A very clear articulation of the complexity of multilingualism using weaving and the process of making as a way of evidencing the relationship between repertories framed by her vision and theoretical engagement.”

3rd prize: Languages: Time Dreams Avatars by Elina Karadzhova 

“An incredibly thoughtful and provocative community project working with multilingual young people.  The visuals were striking.”

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