Call for BAAL/Cambridge University Press Seminars 2022-23

The British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) and Cambridge University Press are pleased to announce that they will support the organization of seminars in the 2022-23 academic year as part of their ongoing commitment to research in Applied Linguistics. BAAL invites proposals on any topic within Applied Linguistics, to be submitted by 23 September 2022 (Friday) to the BAAL Seminars Coordinator, Vander Viana. We welcome applications from BAAL members at any career stage, with a diversity of backgrounds, and from a range of institutions.

Call for seminars

Sample financial plan

For any inquiries on this initiative, please contact the BAAL Seminars Coordinator Vander Viana.

BAAL/Cambridge University Press Seminars 2021-22

We are pleased to announce that two applications have been successful in the 2021-22 round of BAAL/Cambridge University Press Seminars.

Seminar Organizers Lead universities Dates More information

“Going meta: Bringing together an understanding of metadiscourse with students’ metalinguistic understanding”

Prof. Debra Myhill

Dr. Abdelhamid Ahmed

Dr. Esmaeel Abdollazadeh

University of Exeter

Qatar University

University of Exeter

4th and 24th May 2022, and 7th June 2022   Website
“Researching vulnerable multilinguals: Developing an inclusive research practice” Dr Alexandra Georgiou

Dr Sara Ganassin

University of West London

Newcastle University

10th June 2022

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Previous seminars

For information about previous seminars run by BAAL in conjunction with Cambridge University Press, please visit this page.

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