Past BAAL/Cambridge University Press Seminars

Information about previous winners is available below:

Dates Location Title Organisers Documents
19 May 2023 (Friday) University of Edinburgh Developing researcher reflexivity for Applied Linguistics Dr. Sal Consoli N/A
13-14 February 2024 University of Westminster Language and Onward Migration: Bridging Applied Linguistics with Migration Studies Dr. Petros Karatsareas, Dr. Vally Lytra & Dr. Adriana Patiño-Santos N/A
4th and 24th May 2022, and 7th June 2022 University of Exeter Going meta: Bringing together an understanding of metadiscourse with students’ metalinguistic understanding Prof. Debra Myhill

Dr. Abdelhamid Ahmed

Dr. Esmaeel Abdollazadeh

10th June 2022 University of West London Researching vulnerable multilinguals: Developing an inclusive research practice Dr. Alexandra Georgiou

Dr. Sara Ganassin

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8-9th July 2021 University of Surrey Language, literacies and learning in the disciplines: A higher education perspective Dr. Doris Dippold

Dr. Marion Heron

Dr. Karen Gravett

10-11th June 2021 Queen’s University Belfast Research synthesis in applied linguistics: Facilitating research-pedagogy dialogue Dr. Sin Wang Chong Website
15-16th April 20212 Aston University Corpora in applied linguistics: Broadening the agenda Dr Robbie Love, Dr Gavin Brookes, Dr Niall Curry Website
18th January 2019 University of Exeter Language teacher cognition research: theoretical stances and methodological choices Elaine Jingya Liu (University of Exeter); Dr Enjo Xuying Fan (South China Normal University); Dr Li Li (University of Exeter) Website

Call for papers

May 2019 Manchester Metropolitan University On the interplay of language, hospitality and social justice: interdisciplinary threads Dr Khawla Badwan

Dr Samantha Wilkinson

Dr John Bellamy

June /July 2019 University of Central Lancashire Applied Linguistics and Transdisciplinary Impact: Critical Perspectives and Opportunities for Researcher Development Professor Michael Thomas

Dr Nicola Halenko

10th-11th July 2019 University of Leeds Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics: Purposes, Practices, Possibilities Dr Lou Harvey, University of Leeds

Dr Jessica Bradley, Leeds Trinity University

Dr Emilee Moore, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

8th – 9th April 2019 University of Leeds Blowing away the dust: Illuminating the value of practitioner research in Applied Linguistics Dr Loreto Aliaga

Dr Judith Hanks

Dr Harry Kuchah

Dr Laura Grassick

Proposal form
20 April 2018 The Crime and Security Research Institute, Cardiff University, Wales Forensic Intersections: Interdisciplinary and Multimethod Studies in Language and Law Amanda Potts [contact], Michelle Aldridge-Waddon, Chris Heffer, Frances Rock
23–24 August 2018 University of Oxford, Department of Education (In)formal Second Language Learning: Implications for the Classroom

Further details

Henriette L. Arndt & Dr Jessica Briggs, University of Oxford; Christina Lyrigkou, Open University
April 23-24 2017 Sheffield Hallam University Challenging the pathologisation of non-standard language Dr Karen Grainger and Dr Peter E Jones
27–28 April 2017 Aston University Minority Languages in New Media: Towards language revitalisation in Europe and Africa Elvis Yevudey and Colin Reilly
w/c 11 September 2017 Liverpool university Discourses of Marriage Dr Laura L. Paterson and Dr Georgina Turner
18-19 March 2015 University of Essex The learning of foreign languages in primary schools in England: issues and challenges Professor Florence Myles & Professor Rosamond Mitchell
26-27 May 2016 Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh New plurilingual pathways for integration: Immigrants and language learning in the 21st Century Nicola Bermingham & Gwennan Higham
27-28 June 2016 University of Leicester Historicizing the Digital: language practices in new and old media Mel Evans & Caroline Tagg Call for papers
24-26 June 2015 York St John University (De)Constructing Englishes: Exploring the implications of ontologies of the language for learning, teaching, and assessment Dr Christopher J Hall and Dr Rachel Wicaksono Call for Papers
12-13 June 2015 The Open University Eyetracking as a research method in online language education Ursula Stickler and Lijing Shi Call for Papers
7-8 September 2015 University of Roehampton The Language of Money and Debt: the view from the ground Dr Annabelle Mooney and Dr Evi Sifaki Call for Papers
29-30 May 2014 Lews Castle College, University of the Highlands and Islands Languages in the UK: Bridging the gap between the classroom and the community in language learning Dr. Cassie Smith-Christmas Call for Papers
14 June 2014 Leeds Metropolitan University Learning and Teaching for Right to Left Scripted Languages: realities and possibilities Dr. Naeema Hann Call for Papers


26-27 June 2014 Anglia Ruskin University Approaches to identity in language Dr Bettina Beinhoff & Dr Sebastian Rasinger Call for Papers
4 July 2014 Institute of Education The Multilingual University: Linguistic diversity in higher education in English-dominant settings and English medium instructional contexts Dr Siân Preece
8-9 July


University of Southampton Narrative inquiry in transnational migratory contexts: epistemological and methodological issues Adriana Patino-Santos & Ana Maria Relaño-Pastor Call for Papers
11-12 June


University of Birmingham Conceptualising multilingualism under globalization: membership claims, social categories and emblems of authenticity Angela Creese Abstracts
19 April


Open University Text trajectories – developing dynamic approaches to textual analysis Janet Maybin & Theresa Lillis Programme
13 July


University of Leeds Adult ESOL in Multilingual Britain Dr James Simpson Details
17-18 May


University of Birmingham Discourse and Technology: tools, methods and applications Dr Nick Groom Details
26-27 Apr


University of Leicester Language and social media: new challenges for research and teaching linguistics Dr Ruth Page Call for papers
30 Jun – 2 Jul


University of Bristol European Dialogue for Sign Language Learner Corpora and CEFR Dr Maria Mertzani
24 Jun


Oxford Brookes University Reflection in the Round: Discourses and Practices of Reflection in HE Dr Paul Wickens & Dr Jane Spiro Announcement
20 – 21 May


University of Southampton Multilingualism in Education Julia Huettner & Gabriele Budach
19 – 20 Apr


Sheffield Hallam Language, Education & Disadvantage: a response to the deficit model of children’s language competence Dr Karen Grainger and Dr Peter Jones Announcement
6-7 Jul


The University of Huddersfield Language in Conflict: a conversation with Peace Studies Professor Lesley Jeffries, School of Music, Humanities and Media Announcement


The University of Birmingham Using corpus evidence in the classroom: working with teachers & learners Dr. Alison Sealey and Dr. Paul Thompson, Department of English Call for Papers
21 Apr


The Open University Academic Writing in the 21st century: towards a new framework for investigating, describing & explaining academic texts and literacy practices Dr. Caroline Coffin and Dr. Jim Donohue, Centre for Language and Communication Call for Papers
9-10 Jul


The University of Sheffield Key Themes in Intercultural Communication Pedagogy Ms Jane Woodin and Ms. Lesley Walker, School of Modern Languages and linguistics Call for Papers



15-16 May


The University of Warwick Connecting Discourses: Academic and Professional Worlds Dr Steve Mann and Dr Sue Wharton, The Centre for Applied Linguistics Call for Papers


7-8 May


The University of Edinburgh Academic Language Corpora and Education (ALCE) Dr Joan Cutting and Dr Bróna Murphy, The Moray House School of Education Call for Papers
1-2 Sep


University of Strathclyde Developing an applied linguistics curriculum for pre-service primary school teachers Draft Programme
19-20 Jun


Newcastle University Conceptualising ‘Learning’ in Applied Linguistics Call for Papers
18-19 Jun


University of Leeds Integration & Achievement in a Multilingual Europe: Languages for Learning and Life Call for Papers
29-30 May


University of Strathclyde Applied linguistics: what do primary teachers need to understand? Final Programme
25 Jun


Birkbeck College, University of London Communicative Competence Revisited: Multilingual, Multicultural and multidisciplinary perspectives Website
22-23 Jun


The Open University Spoken Online Learning Events: the need for a new paradigm in languages research and practice Website
18-19 Jun


University of Bristol Language Testing and Assessment in Applied Linguistics: identifying reciprocity in applied linguistic research Call for Papers
15-16 Jun


University of Leeds Language, Migration and the Re-theorization of the Sociolinguistic Space: towards a research agenda for Applied Linguistics Call for Papers
12-13 May


University of Warwick Research Perspectives on Listening in L1 and L2 Education Call for Papers
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