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BAAL News 113_(Summer 2018)

Welcome to number 113 of the BAAL newsletter. As we are settling into a very hot summer, many of us will turn their attention to REF2021. This exercise seems far away still, but preparations are well underway at most universities. Therefore, we invited Charles Forsdick, James Barrow Professor of French at the University of Liverpool, to answer the second round of ‘10 questions’ for us. Charles has been appointed as chair of sub-panel D26 (Modern Languages and Linguistics) for REF2021, which will be one of the main Units of Assessment of relevance for applied linguists.

Of course summer is also the time to think about BAAL’s annual meeting in early September this year at York St John University. The theme is ’Taking Risks in Applied Linguistics’ and there is still time to register for this event. This issue of BAAL News also features: a very thoughtful piece in memory of Judith Baxter, who sadly passed away recently, a report on current research on translanguaging, two PhD reports as well as reports on our SIGs, seminars and workshops.

You will notice that we have only two book reviews in this issue. Book reviews are a very important way of publicising a book and an incredibly useful resource of information for colleagues. Each edition of BAAL News ends with a list of books for review, but if there is a specific book you would like to review which is not on this list, then please get in touch with our reviews editor, Chris Hall (, who can approach publishers for print copies of—or digital access to—specific books for review.

With best wishes,

Bettina Beinhoff

Newsletter Editor