The Full Programme and Registration Details  for the the Spring 2018 BAAL Linguistics and Knowledge About Language in Education (LKALE) SIG Meeting  can be found at:

The 2018 meeting will be held at Aston University, Birmingham, on 27th and 28th April on the theme of:  Teaching grammar: from theory to policy and  practice. Invited speakers are: 

Kerstin Mehler  (Mannheimer Zentrum fur Empirische Mehtsprachigkeitsforschung MAZEM)

Claire Acevedo  (Open University)

Lindsey Thomas (LTEducation)

Kamil Trzebiatowski (KTLangspec EAL Training)

Gee Macrory (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Catriona Fleming (UK Houses of Parliament, Universities outreach team)

Secondary school teachers from Birmingham, London and Reading will also present on their work on integrating grammar and literacy across the secondary school curriculum. 

A range of academic papers on the topic will also be presented.