Every year BAAL awards a number of scholarships for attendance at its annual meeting. Further information here.  Those awarded scholarships for the 2017 conference in Leeds are listed below, together with prize winners for best postgraduate paper and best poster:

BAAL PGR/EC scholarship (four)

Sami Al Hasnawi (Iraq)

Ian Cushing (Aston)

Dr Agnes Marszalek (UCL)

Judith Reynolds  (Durham)

Chris Brumfit scholarship

Rosmawati, The University of Sydney

Richard Pemberton prize for best PGR paper

Judith Reynolds, Durham University: ‘Relational work and managing difficult messages in giving refugee legal advice’.

 Award for best poster

Miho Mano, Naruto University of Education, Japan, Kiyoko Eguchi, Applied Technology High School, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Yuko Yoshinari, Gifu University, Japan: ‘A bidirectional study on motion descriptions of English and Japanese L1 and L2 speakers: Focusing on the influence of deictic expressions in L1 and the learner language properties’.