This is the 2nd Call for Papers for the coming BAAL TEA SIG Conference. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Tineke Brunfaut (Lancaster University) and Dr. Guoxing Yu (University of Bristol) will be our invited speakers. You can find the abstracts of their talks here:


Friday, 13 April 2018

Nottingham Trent University, UK


BAAL TEA SIG is holding a one-day conference on the theme of Designing and Assessing Integrated Skills Tests.

Integrated skills assessment (reading into writing, listening into speaking, reading into speaking) seems to be gaining in popularity as it is seen to replicate real-life academic, professional or vocational tasks. These assessments are seen as being more authentic for the test taker and test user as well as being more relevant for teaching and learning. They are also seen to offer new construct opportunities (e.g. amalgamated skills) in capturing performance but pose unique challenges both in design and measurement.

The BAAL TEA SIG invites proposals for this event related to the main theme and covering one or more of the sub-themes below. (These sub-themes are intended to capture major areas of interest but are not intended as an exhaustive list. Proposals on other aspects of the main theme, Integrated Assessment, will also be considered).

  • Identifying what integrated skills are
  • Test construct issues and task innovation
  • Designing successful and reliable tasks
  • Assessment criteria and scoring for integrated skills in single tasks
  • Quality of Impact on high stakes decision making and/or benefits for teaching and learning
  • Preparing for real language use post-university or for employment

We hope to build on the successful TEA SIG events over recent years, and encourage EAP practitioners with an interest in assessment as well as language testing researchers and professionals to attend and share ideas and experiences. 


Prospective participants are invited to submit an abstract to by Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Proposals should be submitted as a Microsoft Word or a PDF attachment of no more than 250 words. Proposals will be accepted for presentations of 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A) or posters. 


Abstract submission deadline:       Tuesday 31 October 2017

Acceptance notification:                  Friday 22 December 2017

Registration begins:                         Monday 29 January 2018

Provisional programme:                  Monday 29 January 2018