At its January meeting, the BAAL Executive Committee agreed to formally endorse IRIS, the repository of materials for research into second languages,  IRIS is a free, open resource at the forefront of methodological transparency in Applied Linguistics. The resource, founded in 2012 with support from the ESRC and British Academy, currently holds over 2500 files and has had 15000 downloads, being used by researchers, methods trainers, students, and language teachers. Over 30 journals have pledged their support for IRIS by encouraging their authors to make research materials openly available via IRIS, and the American Association of Applied Linguistics highlight it in their publication guidelines. IRIS hosts materials for all areas and types of research into language learning and use, including multilingualism, foreign language teaching, language policy, language testing, sign language, identity, motivation, among many other areas. IRIS is theoretically and methodologically diverse, with materials ranging from interview prompts to psycholinguistic software scripts, from working memory tests to think-aloud protocols, from teaching activities to diary writing instructions. In addition to expressing the support of BAAL for this resource, the EC has accepted an invitation for the Chair of BAAL to hold an ex officio role on the IRIS Advisory Group, to facilitate collaboration between IRIS and the applied linguistics community.