BAAL 2014 Conference

47th Annual Meeting:

4th-6th September 2014

University of Warwick, Coventry


Learning, Working and Communicating in a Global Context

Conference Organisers:

Dr Jo Angouri,

Ms Tilly Harrison,

Dr Stephanie Schnurr,

Dr Sue Wharton.

BAAL 2013 Conference

46th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics: Opening New Lines of Communication in Applied Linguistics

5 - 7 September 2013

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh


Opening New Lines of Communication in Applied Linguistics

Conference Organiser:

Dr Bernadette O'Rourke

Conference website:

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About BAAL

BAAL is a professional association based in the UK, which provides a forum for people interested in language and applied linguistics. We have an international professional membership of more than 800 members.

BAAL organises scientific meetings, and publishes a newsletter and conference proceedings. We also send representatives to national and international meetings of interest to our members.

BAAL is affiliated to AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics

BAAL is a registered charity (registered charity number 264800)

BAAL is not an accreditation body for any courses or organisations and neither its name, nor its acronym, nor its logo can be used in the publicity material of any other organisation without prior permission of the Executive Committee. In particular, its name should not be used to suggest that it has accredited the work of another organisation.

Language Learning & Teaching SIG: 2015 (11th) Annual Conference

The Languages of Language Learning

Hosted by the Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Language Research Group (ETAL), Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

Visit the SIG page for more details.

Kenneth Fordyce, co-organiser

Corpus Linguistics SIG Workshop 2014

An introduction to advanced corpus visualization tools

December 6th 2014

Visit the SIG page for more details.

Hilary Nesi, Corpus Linguistics SIG

BAAL-Routledge Workshop 2015

BAAL is pleased to announce that financial support from Routledge and BAAL will be available for one research development workshop in 2015 (up to £1,500). The workshop will offer training in, or focused discussion of, applied linguistics methods, approaches or fields of investigation to new researchers, including postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, early career researchers, and anyone embarking on a new line of research. BAAL now invites proposals for the 2015 workshops to be submitted to me at  by 31 January 2015. Click here for details.

Li Li, Seminars Co-ordinator

Multilingua issue from BAAL 2012 Conference

Multilingua has published a special double issue of papers presented at the Invited Colloquium of BAAL 2012 conference in Southampton.

Multilingua Volume 33, Issue 5-6

2014 BAAL Book Prize Winner

The title selected for the 2014 prize is:

Many congratulations to the author and publisher.

Steve Walsh, BAAL Publications Secretary

The Vocabulary Studies SIG is recruiting

The vocabulary SIG is open to all BAAL members who are interested in joining this group. This year, we have Michael Daller (Swansea university) as Convenor, Yixin Wang (Swansea university) as Secretary, and Ana Pellicer Sanchez (Nottingham University) as Treasurer.

So far we had 20 members from many different institutions. If you would like to join this group, please simply send your name and email address to me (

Thank you.

Yixin Wang, Secretary, Vocabulary Studies SIG

Geoffrey Leech (1936-2014)

Professor Geoffrey Leech, founding professor of the Linguistics and English Language department at Lancaster University, and an influential scholar who has shaped several fields of linguistics, died suddenly on 19 August.

Geoff Leech was born in Gloucester in 1936. He studied at University College London for his BA, MA, and PhD, and taught there as a lecturer. He came to Lancaster in 1969 as one of the first language specialists in the English Department, and in 1974 he became the first Head of the new Linguistics Department, and its first Professor. He played a crucial role in almost all the developments in the department as it grew to be one of the major centres of linguistics. In 1996 he took early retirement, but he continued as a Research Professor, and he has remained active in research, departmental duties such as PhD supervision and examining, talks to students, and contacts with the many visitors who came from around the world to see him. He was a Fellow of the British Academy, was awarded honorary doctorates from Lund and Charles University, and had many other honours.

Geoff made major contributions to such fields as stylistics, (A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry [1969] and, with Mick Short, Style in Fiction [1981]), and semantics and pragmatics (Principles of Pragmatics [1983] remains a key text in the field, and his new book, The Pragmatics of Politeness, appeared just last week). He also contributed to the two major descriptive grammars of English, and many shorter, more accessible grammars for students and teachers. He is perhaps best known now as one of the founders of the field of corpus linguistics, the construction and study of large computerized datasets of language. This field has now become one of the major approaches to many linguistic and social science issues.

Colleagues, students, and collaborators remember Geoff as enormously encouraging and supportive; he helped launch many careers. He was remarkable in his modesty (a topic he considered in his studies of pragmatics), especially for someone so widely renowned in his field. But he also had the self-confidence to pursue huge, long-term projects until the rest of the field could see their value. And he could be fiercely angry if he thought an injustice was being done.

Beyond the academic world, Geoff and his wife Fanny have had a broad circle of friends in Kirkby Lonsdale, since moving there thirty years ago. Geoff was a gifted pianist and organist, and was particularly active in the music-making in local churches.

For departmental colleagues, the intellectual loss is incalculable.  But we will also miss that so familiar sight of his striding down our corridors, with a warm smile to greet everyone, from established professors to new students. Our thoughts are with Fanny and Geoff's family, and with his many friends, as they deal with their loss.

Greg Myers, BAAL Chair

BAAL News No. 105

Click here for the latest available issue: BAAL News, Issue 105, Summer 2014.

Sebastian Rasinger, Newsletter Editor

BAAL Book Prize Short List

We are pleased to announce that the following three books have been shortlisted for this year’s BAAL Book Prize:

The winner will be announced at the annual conference at the University of Warwick.

Steve Walsh, Publications Secretary

2013 Conference Proceedings Published

The proceedings of the 46th Annual Meeting of BAAL, Opening New Lines of Communication in Applied Linguistics, held at Heriot Watt University, are available at

BAAL-Routledge Applied Linguistics Workshop 2014

Language learning in contexts of cultural diversity

Friday, 31st October 2014, 10.00-17.30

Invitation to Participate

Simon Coffey, KCL

Commons All-Party Manifesto for Languages

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages is launching a 'Manifesto for Languages', to make the case for improving the linguistic skills base in the UK. I attach the Manifesto and a letter inviting you to support it.

Dr Catherine Walter

BAAL-Routledge Workshop Award 2014

Thanks for those who have submitted proposals to the BAAL-Routledge Workshop. The BAAL Executive Committee is very pleased to announce that the BAAL-Routledge Workshop (£1,500) has awarded support to the following project in 2014:

In addition, a repayable float of £500 is also awarded to the runner-up:

Proposals for 2015 workshop will be sent out to BAAL mail and posted on the BAAL website soon with a deadline of 31 January 2015.

Li Li, Seminars Co-ordinator

BAAL/CUP Seminar Programme 2015 - Call for Proposals

As part of its commitment to research in Applied Linguistics, BAAL is pleased to announce that financial support from Cambridge University Press and BAAL will be available for up to three seminars in 2014-2015. Cambridge University Press with its interest in promoting Applied Linguistic research has generously sponsored the annual BAAL / Cambridge University Press Seminar Programme for many years. BAAL now invites proposals for the 2014-2015 seminars, in all areas of applied linguistics, to be submitted by 30th October 2014.

More details are here and on the Seminars page.

Li Li, Seminars Coordinator

BAAL News Book Reviews

A current list of books available for review in BAAL News is available on application. If you are interested in reviewing books for BAAL News then please contact me, Chris Hall, at

Dr Christopher J Hall FHEA, Reviews Editor BAAL News

Christopher Brumfit International Scholarship

The Christopher Brumfit International Scholarship provides an award for an Applied Linguist from outside Britain to attend the BAAL Annual Meeting. Click here to find out how to support the scholarship.

Postgraduate Group on Facebook

The BAAL Postgraduate group is on Facebook. Why not pay a visit to the page? Click here to find out more.


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