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2016 Meeting Report

12th Annual Conference, Lancaster University

Conference on Creativity in Language Learning and Teaching Research

Friday 23 September 2016

The Open University, Milton Keynes

Invited Plenary Speakers

Prof Martyn Hammersley and Prof Teresa Cremin

Organising Committee

The BAAL Language Learning and Teaching Special Interest Group and the IATEFL Research Special Interest Group invite you to a jointly organised one-day conference on Creativity in Language Learning and Teaching Research, to be held at the Open University, Milton Keynes on Friday 23 September 2016.

Creativity has become an increasingly popular concept in contemporary educational discourse in recent years (e.g., Craft, 2010; Sharp & Le Métais, 2000; Robinson, 2001, 2015). Its potential to foster original thinking, enhance engagement and boost motivation means it has a central role to play in language learning and teaching (Maley & Peachey, 2015; Richards, 2013). The role of creativity has also been explored in respect of research processes (Anders & Walsh, 2009; Byron, 2009; Higgs et al., 2011; Mason & Dale, 2011; O'Leary, 2004).

The aim of this one-day conference is to explore the nature and role of creativity in research in the field of language learning and teaching and to share ideas about approaches that go beyond those more commonly used. Through a series of plenary talks, presentations and workshops, the conference will examine the following in relation to language learning and teaching research:

By bringing together researchers, teacher educators, students and practitioners from a range of disciplines and with different perspectives on the conference theme, the intention is to stimulate debate about the role that creativity can or perhaps should play in language learning and teaching research. The possibility of a post-conference publication will also be considered.

The organising committee invites proposals for:

Proposals - which should be a maximum of 250 words long and accompanied by a short title and a 100-word bio note - should be emailed to by Friday 6 May 2016.

Conference registration fees - including lunch:

2016 (12th) Annual Conference

Crossing Boundaries: Language Learning and Teaching Inside and Outside the Classroom

30th of June -1st of July 2016

Hosted by the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University

Confirmed plenary speakers:

Traditionally, language teaching and learning has been compartmentalised in many ways in our research, teaching methodology, materials, and perceptions. Boundaries and borders are now disappearing and language learning and teaching takes place in contexts where there are increasingly fewer walls. We can no longer clearly differentiate modern foreign language from second language teaching and learning, private and public sectors, teacher and students roles, classroom and outside classroom engagement.

This conference will encourage participants to explore the challenges and possibilities afforded by the varied settings, modes, teaching methods, roles and means of communication in current day language teaching with the merging of learning environments.

Papers are invited for presentations of 20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions. Poster proposals are also welcome. A title and 250 word (maximum) proposal should be submitted by 28th of February 2016 to

Notifications of the acceptance of abstracts will be received by the first of week of April.

For further information, please visit the webpage:

Questions and enquiries can be sent to

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lancaster.

The conference organizers:

Marije Michel, Jenefer Philp and Judit Kormos

2015 (11th) Annual Conference

Thursday 2nd - Friday 3rd July

The Languages of Language Learning

Hosted by the Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Language Research Group (ETAL), Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

The tasks of classroom teachers, language testers, materials developers, and second language learners, are becoming increasingly complex as the range of research orientations in the field of second language learning and teaching continues to grow. While these multiple perspectives are enriching our understanding of the field, insights from research can leave language learners and teachers with difficult questions to answer, such as:

The aim of this conference is to offer an opportunity for fruitful and engaging discussion focusing on ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ of second language teaching in an age of increasing globalization. We are keen to attract presentation proposals from researchers and practitioners in the fields of TESOL and Modern Foreign Languages, which cover a wide range of perspectives and paradigms on second language learning and teaching, including:

Papers are invited for presentations of 20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions. Poster proposals are also welcome. A title and 250 word (maximum) proposal should be sent by 9th March 2015 to:

Conference fees:

Non-BAAL members   £180.00

BAAL members       £155.00

Student/unwaged    £130.00

We hope to see you in Edinburgh at a time when daylight (and hopefully sunshine) lasts long into the evening!

Conference Organisers:

Kenneth Fordyce  (

Florence Bonacina-Pugh  (

Joan Cutting  (

Charlotte Kemp  (

Claudia Rosenhan  (

Evangelia Soulioti  (

2014 (10th) Annual Conference

3rd & 4th July 2014

Recognizing complexity in language learning and teaching

Hosted by the School of Education, University of Leeds

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

For the 2014 conference programme, please go to

2013 (9th) Annual Conference

July 4th and 5th 2013

Linking teaching to learning in language education

Hosted by: St. Mary's University College, Twickenham

2010 Proceedings

Proceedings of the LLT SIG 2010 6th Conference now available:

Issues in Second Language Proficiency

Edited by Alessandro G Benati

Pub Date: 10 Jun 2009

ISBN: 0826435157

ISBN13: 9780826435156

hardcover (256 Pages)

Publisher: London: Continuum

2012 (8th) Annual Conference

Beyond the Beginner: Sustaining Second Language Learning

Date: July 4- 5 2012

Venue: University of Oxford, Department of Education (OUDE,

& Worcester College (

2011 (7th) Annual Conference

Theorising practice and practising theory: developing local pedagogies in language teaching

Thursday, 7th and Friday, 8th July 2011

Centre for Language Education Research at Aston (CLERA), Aston University, Birmingham, UK

2010 (6th) Annual Conference

8-9 July, 2010, King's College London, Annual Conference

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2009 (5th) Annual Conference


2008 (4th) Annual Conference



List of Members’ Interests

Nick Andon


teacher knowledge and expertise, teacher education, materials, task-based language learning, learner autonomy & strategies

Kings College London page

Thomas D Baldwin




Interlanguage; Translating and SLA processes.

Benedetta Bassetti


SLA, psycholinguistics, second language writing systems, bilingualism and cognition

Alessandro Benati


SLA, input processing and processing instruction

Web page

Jim Coleman


university language learning, including study abroad, policy and practice, applications of  technology, pedagogy, and employability

Open University page

Do Coyle


technology enhanced learning, CLIL (content & language integrated learning), FL learning communities (strategic classrooms, pupil voice).

Home Page

Teaching and Learning Observatories

Tony Deyes


Discourse analysis in language teaching; critical discourse analysis;

socio-cultural approaches to classroom interaction and related pedagogy.  

Siân Etherington


the teaching of grammar, SLA, English for Academic Purposes, student perceptions, beliefs and identities

Salford page

Keith Faulkner


Dissemination of latest summary research findings about language learning to tutors in ITE

Web page

Costas Gabrielatos


corpora and language teaching, ESP/EAP, language awareness, pedagogical grammar

Lancaster page

Personal page

Suzanne Graham


Learner strategies, motivation, listening comprehension

Reading page

Michael Grenfell


Second Language Acquisition, Learner Strategies, Cognitive Theory, Communicative Language Teaching, Culture, Teacher Education, Language Policy, Bilingualism.

Gee Macrory


learning modern languages in primary and secondary classrooms; language

teacher education; early bilingualism

Web page

Emma Marsden


Instructed and non-instructed second language acquisition, grammar pedagogy, processing, interface between research and teaching practice.

York page

Ros Mitchell


corpus approaches to SLA; FL learning and teaching; criticality development in higher education

Centre for Applied Language Research

Modern Languages, Southampton

Marina Mozzon-McPherson


Computer-mediated discourse, construction of community and identity online, facework and politeness in online environments

Florence Myles


Second language acquisition; linguistic theory; language processing;

French; Universal Grammar; L2 corpora; CHILDES

Web page

Gaelle Planchenault

French Cinema, French sociolinguistics, Conversation and Discourse Analysis (re. media), Language and Gender, Interlanguage pragmatics

Karen Roehr


Second language learning from a cognitive-functional perspective; explicit and implicit knowledge; individual learner differences

Essex page

Frank Romano


Adult SL learning and teaching, adult cognition and developmental linguistics;

instructed versus naturalistic contexts of adult L2 learning.

Gin Samuda


Tasks in second language learning; task implementation and the role of the teacher; task design

Richard C. Smith


History of language teaching; Cultural issues in ELT; Language learner autonomy; Teacher education and development

Warwick page

Agneta M-L Svalberg


Tense-Modality-Aspect; teaching and learning of grammar; Language


Web page

Florentina Taylor


self, identity and motivation in language learning & teaching, MFL uptake, interface between individual perceptions and achievement

Greenwich page

Twitter page

Marion Williams


psychological aspects of language learning and teaching

Nadya Yakovchuk


EFL, EAP, sociolinguistics, promotion of academic integrity and plagiarism prevention

Dong Ye


Computer Mediated Language Learning with Second Language Acquisition

Southampton page

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