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2nd BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG Event 2015

Corpus linguistics and the study of style: methods, findings, applications

From the early period of linguistic computing to the present day, at least five distinct roles for corpora in stylistics can be identified.

William Louw, the originator of the concept of semantic prosody, will give the opening talk entitled 'Trust the subtext: Recent advances in Corpus Stylistics'.

We invite proposals for presentations to make up the programme for the rest of the day. These can be on any aspect of corpus linguistics and the study of style, literary or non-literary, with reference to methods, findings, or possible applications.

Refreshments and lunch included.

BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG Workshop 2015

Statistics in Corpus Linguistics

This workshop is a practical introduction to the statistical procedures that can be used for analysis of linguistic data compiled into language corpora. It offers an overview of the main procedures used in the field of corpus linguistics together with simple examples of application of these methods. The following topics will be covered:

The workshop does not require any prior knowledge of statistics. It will be of interest to anyone who wants to use statistics to explore language corpora.

BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG Workshop 2014

An introduction to advanced corpus visualization tools

December 6th 2014

Hosted by the Department of English and Languages, Coventry University, with Chris Culy,

The goal of this workshop was to introduce advanced visualization tools for corpora and language data, tools which can be useful additions to existing techniques for exploration and discovery.

The workshop consisted of three parts:

No programming skills were needed. Sample texts and corpora were provided, but participants were encouraged to bring their own data as well.

Resources used during the Workshop:

BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG Symposium 2013

Building and Mining Small Specialised Corpora

Hosted by the Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh

22 February 2013

This was a one-day event which took place at the University of Edinburgh on February 22nd 2013. It included nine talks from the following speakers who work with small specialised corpora:

SIG AGM - new Convenor elected

The SIG would like to thank Nick Groom for his long service as Corpus Linguistics SIG Convenor, and welcomes Brona Murphy as our new Convenor.

Activities Update

Dear colleagues

This is an update on BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG activities for our members. We have 66 members at the moment and would welcome meeting any new or existing members.

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