BAAL 2016 Conference

49th Annual meeting

1st-3rd September 2016

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge


Taking stock of Applied Linguistics – Where are we now?

Conference Organisers

Bettina Beinhoff

BAAL 2015 Conference

48th Annual meeting

3rd-5th September 2015

Aston University, Birmingham


Breaking Theory:

New directions

in applied linguistics

Conference Organisers

Dr Fiona Copland

Dr Erika Darics

Professor Tim Grant

BAAL 2014 Conference

47th Annual Meeting:

4th-6th September 2014

University of Warwick, Coventry


Learning, Working and Communicating in a Global Context

Conference Organisers:

Dr Jo Angouri,

Ms Tilly Harrison,

Dr Stephanie Schnurr,

Dr Sue Wharton.

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About BAAL

BAAL is a professional association based in the UK, which provides a forum for people interested in language and applied linguistics. We have an international professional membership of more than 800 members.

BAAL organises scientific meetings, and publishes a newsletter and conference proceedings. We also send representatives to national and international meetings of interest to our members.

BAAL is affiliated to AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics

BAAL is a registered charity (registered charity number 264800)

BAAL is not an accreditation body for any courses or organisations and neither its name, nor its acronym, nor its logo can be used in the publicity material of any other organisation without prior permission of the Executive Committee. In particular, its name should not be used to suggest that it has accredited the work of another organisation.

Free Membership

BAAL currently has 967 members. To celebrate passing the “1000” milestone, BAAL will grant a year’s free membership to the 999th and 1000th person to join. We are therefore asking our current BAAL members to take this opportunity to tell your colleagues about BAAL by forwarding this message to people you work/study/collaborate with.  

see for more information.

The 999th and 1000th people to sign up for membership will be notified by email of their free year’s membership.

Jo Angouri, Membership Secretary

Baal/CUP Seminar: Historicizing the Digital

Language practices in new and old media

Mon 27th - Tues 28th June 2016

University of Leicester, UK

New BAAL Twitter Handle

1) After some careful thought and deliberation, we've updated BAAL's Twitter handle from @BAALmedia to @__BAAL (two underscores at the start), primarily to reflect the fact that our tweets are not just aimed at media audiences, but also to make our username as short as we can in keeping with the constraints of the platform. (We wanted just @BAAL, but as you can probably imagine, this was taken years ago.)

2) Do mention @__BAAL when tweeting about BAAL-supported events or news, and where appropriate, we'll retweet/respond.

3) In the event that the change has catastrophic unintended consequences, we've retained the old @BAALmedia handle. I intend to monitor it for a few months so that I can steer anyone who uses the old handle back to the new one. (This is just a heads up in case anyone notices and wonders if that account is fraudulent. It's not.)

Dr Claire Hardaker Media Coordinator

BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG Symposium 2016, 6 May 2016

at Aston University, Birmingham.

Click here for details.

BAAL News No. 107/108

Click here for the latest available issue: BAAL News, Issue 107/108, 2016.

Bettina Beinhoff, Newsletter Editor

BAAL LLT SIG Conference

Creativity in Language Learning and Teaching Research

Friday 23 September 2016

The Open University, Milton Keynes

Invited Plenary Speakers

Prof Martyn Hammersley and Prof Teresa Cremin

Click here for details.

BAAL/CUP Seminar 26-27 May 2016

New plurilingual pathways for integration: Immigrants and language learning in the 21st Century

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Click here for call for papers.

Nicola Bermingham & Gwennan Higham

BAAL Vocabulary Studies SIG 2016 Annual Conference - Call for Papers

Studying vocabulary: A multidisciplinary approach

7-8 July 2016

Click here for details.

BAAL Corpus SIG 2016 Meeting

Here, for BAAL Corpus Sig members, is advanced notice of the upcoming BAAL corpus SIG, to be held at Aston University, Birmingham on Friday May 6th 2016.

We also intend to hold the BAAL Corpus SIG quorum at this event, so it would be useful if as many members of the SIG as possible could attend!

If you would like to come, please send me an e-mail at in the first instance to confirm your interest.

Registration forms will then be sent out on a first-come-first served basis.

There are, of course, a limited number of places and the event will be publicised through all of the usual channels in the next few days, so please do contact me ASAP if are keen!

Dr. Garry Plappert

BAAL 2016 Conference - Call for Papers

49th Annual meeting, 1st-3rd September 2016, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Taking stock of Applied Linguistics – Where are we now?

Call for Papers now published - click here

Intercultural Communication SIG: 7th annual seminar

Intercultural communication and social responsibility in a multilingual, globalized world

Date: 19 - 20 May 2016

Location: The Open University, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, London

For details see SIG page

Language in Africa SIG AGM

6 May 2016, University of East London.

Click here for details.

Goodith White, SIG Secretary

Annual conference of the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG

Crossing Boundaries: Language Learning and Teaching Inside and Outside the Classroom

30th of June - 1st of July 2016

Hosted by the Department of Linguistics and English Language,

Lancaster University

Click here for further details.

The conference organizers: Marije Michel, Jenefer Philp and Judit Kormos

BAAL Book Prize: 2015 Winner

The winner of this year’s BAAL Book Prize is:

Congratulations also to the shortlisted works:

Bernadette O’Rourke, Publications Secretary

2014 Conference Proceedings Published

The proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of BAAL, Learning, Working and Communicating in a Global Context, held at the University of Warwick, are available on the conference proceedings page.

BAAL News Book Reviews

A current list of books available for review in BAAL News is available on application. If you are interested in reviewing books for BAAL News then please contact me, Chris Hall, at

Dr Christopher J Hall FHEA, Reviews Editor BAAL News

Christopher Brumfit International Scholarship

The Christopher Brumfit International Scholarship provides an award for an Applied Linguist from outside Britain to attend the BAAL Annual Meeting. Click here to find out how to support the scholarship.

Postgraduate Group on Facebook

The BAAL Postgraduate group is on Facebook. Why not pay a visit to the page? Click here to find out more.


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