BAAL 2015 Conference

48th Annual meeting

3rd-5th September 2015

Aston University, Birmingham


Breaking Theory:

New directions

in applied linguistics

Conference Organisers

Dr Fiona Copland

Dr Erika Darics

Professor Tim Grant

BAAL 2014 Conference

47th Annual Meeting:

4th-6th September 2014

University of Warwick, Coventry


Learning, Working and Communicating in a Global Context

Conference Organisers:

Dr Jo Angouri,

Ms Tilly Harrison,

Dr Stephanie Schnurr,

Dr Sue Wharton.

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About BAAL

BAAL is a professional association based in the UK, which provides a forum for people interested in language and applied linguistics. We have an international professional membership of more than 800 members.

BAAL organises scientific meetings, and publishes a newsletter and conference proceedings. We also send representatives to national and international meetings of interest to our members.

BAAL is affiliated to AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics

BAAL is a registered charity (registered charity number 264800)

BAAL is not an accreditation body for any courses or organisations and neither its name, nor its acronym, nor its logo can be used in the publicity material of any other organisation without prior permission of the Executive Committee. In particular, its name should not be used to suggest that it has accredited the work of another organisation.

BAAL/CUP Seminar: 7-8 September 2015

University of Roehampton, Whitelands College

The Language of Money and Debt: the view from the ground

Click here for details.

BAAL Book Prize: 2015 Shortlist

The following books have been shortlisted for this year’s BAAL Book Prize, The winner will be announced at the annual conference.

Bernadette O’Rourke, Publications Secretary

BAAL/CUP Seminars 2016 Call

I am pleased to invite you to submit seminar proposals for the 2016 BAAL-Cambridge University Press Seminar series.

Financial support from Cambridge University Press and BAAL will be available for up to three seminars run by BAAL members in 2016. Seminar proposals must be submitted by 30th October 2015 to me at

If you have any questions, please email me and I look forward to discussing any ideas you might have and receiving your proposals.

Li Li, BAAL Seminar Co-ordinator

Documents for BAAL AGM - 4 Sep 2015

The BAAL conference happens in one month and with it the AGM and elections for new committee members. We would like to encourage as many of you as possible to participate in these activities - see below for details.

Agenda for AGM 2015

The Annual General Meeting of BAAL will be held on Friday the 4th September at 5pm at Aston University as part of the annual conference. The draft agenda for this meeting will be circulated a week before the conference and hard copies will be made available at the meeting. If there are specific items you would like to see on the agenda please let me know. As you will see the meeting will focus on reports from the chair and treasurer but we will make available on the website (by August 28th) reports from all officers so that you can raise any issues/questions relating to these.  

Minutes for AGM 2014  

Members who plan to attend the AGM can read the draft minutes for the AGM in advance of the meeting (click on the blue title).

2015 AGM elections

There will be two ordinary member's posts coming up for election in September. Four officer posts - Media Coordinator, Special Interests Groups (SIGs) Coordinator, Newsletter Editor and the interim Diversity Officer - will also become available. Click on the blue text for job descriptions (note - the Diversity Officer's description is a draft version that we hope to approve at the AGM).

Finally Greg Myers, the current chair, will be stepping down after this year's AGM.

Nominations for candidates to stand for election to the above posts will be accepted until midday on 4th September, the day of the AGM in Aston, and the election (if more than one candidate stands) will take place at 5pm. For this, candidates will need to prepare a short statement giving a brief biography and highlighting the contribution they could make to the BAAL committee. Sheets for nominations will be posted on the AGM noticeboard from the beginning of the conference; candidates need both a proposer and a seconder (both of whom must be BAAL members) and nominations must be made with the agreement of the candidate.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for these posts and cannot attend the conference, please contact me directly.

Dawn Knight, BAAL Secretary

BAAL/Cambridge University Press Applied Linguistics Seminar Programme 2014-2015: The Language of Money and Debt: the view from the ground

7th - 8th September 2015.

University of Roehampton, Whitelands College

As money becomes more abstract and financial matters more opaque, it is important  to pay attention to the language that ordinary people use to talk about, think about and make decisions about money and debt. While the language of government and financial institutions is connected to everyday talk about money, understanding lay discourses of money may nevertheless be a productive way to solve the financial problems that real people face.

As well as a keynote from Dr Liz Morrish on the Neoliberal University, the seminar will include work on 'Benefits Street' and 'Welfare dependency', research on the Mass Observation Archive, Harry Potter and children's picture books, indigenous values in Kenya and a legal querying of the question 'what is money?'.

Draft programme can be found along with information about Registration can be found at:

Health & Science Communication SIG Workshop

9 September 2015

Computer-mediated health communication: Perspectives from ethnography and discourse analysis.

At Queen Mary University of London, UK.

Click here for details.

2014 Conference Proceedings Published

The proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of BAAL, Learning, Working and Communicating in a Global Context, held at the University of Warwick, are available on the conference proceedings page.

Join the Language in Africa SIG

Language in Africa is now a thriving SIG, though our membership is relatively small. Our annual meetings are well attended by academics and post-graduate students from African and other countries, as well as the UK. We have two reviews of Research in Progress in Language Teaching: "Reading in African Languages: Developing literacies and reading methodologies" (April 2015), and "Language in Education in sub-Saharan Africa" (July 2015), and we have an offer of publication of the proceedings of this year's Annual Meeting.

We would like to welcome more members to the SIG. Although our focus is on Africa, BAAL members who work / research in developing countries elsewhere have found our presentations to be very relevant - especially in areas such as language policy and planning, and education. Indeed, the basic issues are hardly different in the UK - especially with growing consciousness of bilingualism and multilingualism.

Almost a third of the world's living languages are spoken in Africa (Lewis et al 2015) and societal multilingualism has a deep history. With the standardisation of languages for education, growth of cities, and rise of technology and social media, language contact and language death, hybridity and superdiversity are, as elsewhere, highly significant features.

Please contact Annette Islei, secretary, at to register your interest.

Ross Graham, Convener, & Annette Islei, Secretary, LiF SIG

Death of Ruqaiya Hasan

It is with great sadness I have to tell you that Ruqaiya Hasan passed away suddenly in the afternoon of 24 June 2015. She suffered heart failure, brought on by the stress of cancer and infection. Michael Halliday was with her at the end.

There will be a scholarly event to celebrate Ruqaiya's life and work, later in the year at Macquarie University.

A wonderful life, an immense scholarly contribution, an extraordinary friend to so many people around the world.

Geoff Williams

BAAL / Routledge Applied Linguistics Workshop 2015

The BAAL / Routledge Applied Linguistics Workshop 2015 Beyond the Classroom: Researching Second Language Learning in Out-of-Class Contexts will be held on Friday 18th September at the University of Oxford.

Click here for participation and further information about the event. A full programme for the workshop will be issued in August.

Dr. Jessica G. Briggs, University of Oxford

BAAL 2015 Conference - Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2015 BAAL Annual Meeting is now open:

The conference will be held from  3rd - 5th September at Aston University, Birmingham, England.  Plenary speakers are:  Adrian Blackledge and Angela Creese, Penelope Eckert and  Rick Iedema.  The Pit Corder Lecture will be given by Sue Garton and Keith Richards.  Full details are on the conference website:

We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham!

The Local Organising Committee

Donations to the Bill Walsh Cancer Research Lab in memory of Chris Candlin

We have received enquiries about how people can make a donation to the Bill Walsh Cancer Research Lab in Chris Candlin’s memory. You can donate directly online by going to the Kolling Foundation website and scrolling down to Fundraising Campaign where you will find The Bill Walsh Lab listed. Click on this to open a page where there is a button that enables you to donate by credit card. Since there is no automatic mechanism for the foundation to let people know who the on-line donations are in memory of, people who contribute in this way should also send an email to Rozelle Harvie at the Bill Walsh Cancer Research Lab who will provide Sally Candlin with a list.

Professor Lynda Yates, Macquarie University, Australia

2015 BAAL/Routledge Workshop Series

The BAAL Executive Committee is very pleased to announce that the BAAL-Routledge Workshop has awarded support to two workshop projects in 2015.

Click here for details.

Li Li, BAAL Seminar Co-ordinator

BAAL News No. 106

Click here for the latest available issue: BAAL News, Issue 106, Winter 2014.

Sebastian Rasinger, Newsletter Editor

BAAL-CUP seminars 2014-2015

Thanks for those who have submitted proposals to the BAAL-CUP Seminar. The BAAL Executive Committee is very pleased to announce that the following three proposals have been successful for BAAL -CUP seminar funding:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the seminar organisers.

Li Li, BAAL Seminar Co-ordinator

2014 BAAL Book Prize Winner

The title selected for the 2014 prize is:

Many congratulations to the author and publisher.

Steve Walsh, BAAL Publications Secretary

BAAL News Book Reviews

A current list of books available for review in BAAL News is available on application. If you are interested in reviewing books for BAAL News then please contact me, Chris Hall, at

Dr Christopher J Hall FHEA, Reviews Editor BAAL News

Christopher Brumfit International Scholarship

The Christopher Brumfit International Scholarship provides an award for an Applied Linguist from outside Britain to attend the BAAL Annual Meeting. Click here to find out how to support the scholarship.

Postgraduate Group on Facebook

The BAAL Postgraduate group is on Facebook. Why not pay a visit to the page? Click here to find out more.


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